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Do You Want To Get 50 Of My Best Beats With Commercial Rights... For 99% Off?

But before I give you the details of what that offer is or how you can get it, I wanted to give you a little bit of background info:

My name is Christoph and I've been producing for over 19 years now.

At the age of 13 I decided to pursue a career as a musician.

It was way harder than I thought...

Especially for a German guy like me trynna do blow up with rap music worldwide... And I didn't know an english word till the age of 15 when I started studying in highschool.

I have no idea how many times I saw disbelief in people's eyes when I told them what I'm gonna be...

Actually their doubt is understandable...even if you're good that doesn't lead to success right away...

Ultimately, it took me 15 years to make my dream come true and make a living from my music. 

It took so long because I did everything myself. I had neither a rap crew nor a producer who supplied me with beats.

And to be honest: Quitting my boring nine to five job (about 5 years ago) was one of the happiest moments in my life!

Now I'm 32 years old and live my dream. I'm infinitely grateful for this and would like to help artists who are in the same situation as I was years ago.

Over my 19 year career, I have accumulated millions of streams on my music, worldwide…and have been in label offices such as Warner Music, Universal, Sony and more. 
To help you out, I have been cooking up something special.

Which is why I put together an exclusive Beat Pack called...

It contains 50 of my best beats I've ever produced.

If I'd sell all those beats for it's market value... it would cost $2000

But today, you can get them basically for free.

Here's The Deal:

I want to give you the career boost I never had!
All the beats come in high quality MP3 and WAV format.

They're 100% tag-free.

They're ready to be downloaded and used instantly.

Normally I sell those beats for $40... EACH!
But I want to give you the career boost I never had... you can get ALL 50 Beats for the price of one single beat lease
How's that for a bundle deal?

And the best part:

You have the right to use all of those beats commercially for profit.

What You're Getting

I've already uploaded all the beats for you to the download server.

They're neatly arranged in a beat package for you so all you have to do is download them.

  • All beats come with commercial rights: You'll receive a PDF license agreement that states you're allowed to use the beats commercially
  • 50 of my best beats: You'll literally have more beats on your hard drive than you'll know what to do with
  • Industry quality: All beats come in high-quality MP3 and WAV format and are ready to be used immediately
  • ​100% tag-free: All vocal tags and sound protections have been removed from the beats and they're completely clean
  • Royalty-Free: keep 100% of your profits and royalties
NOTE:  This secret beat package is only available until the countdown timer reaches 00:00:00

You're right!

That's a crazy amount of beats you're getting almost for free.

But if the 99% discount isn't enough to have you heading to the order form and getting the beats then this FREE bonus worth $1150 will surely do the trick...

As A Special Deal I'm Also Giving You My 'Back To The Roots Beat Tape' As A FREE Bonus:

This beat tape includes 15 beats as MP3 and WAV Format. You have the rights to use ALL of those beats commercially for profit.

As A Second FREE Bonus I'm Giving you 10 Additional Beats from the Platinum producers Anno Domini Beats & Legion Beats:

I've teamed up with some of the best producers from all over the world to bring you this exclusive offer! You have the rights to use ALL of those beats commercially.

On Top Of That I'm Also Giving You 3 eBooks:

I don't just want to supply you with beats, I want to make sure that your music gets heard and that you can earn money with your songs.

That's why I'm giving you three eBooks for free if you order the "Winners Circle Bundle" today.
- eBook #1: How To Earn And Collect Music Royalties

- eBook #2: ​How To Build A Blog And E-mail List To Make Money Off Your Fans

- eBook #3: The Ultimate How To Become A Successful Rapper Guide
That's right.

Additionally to the 50 Beats you're getting as part of the "Winners Circle" beat bundle... I'm also giving you 25 beats with commercial rights + 3 eBooks

You receive the same rights for commercial use for ALL included beats.
When you get your copy of "The Winners Circle Bundle" today I'll add them to your order for free!

Here's What To Do Next:

How to get the beats and free bonuses
To get the beats and bonuses, all you have to do is click on the button below.

You'll be asked to fill out a short order form with your email address so I know where to send you the download-links.

And you'll be asked to send over a small fee of $27.

You can do that using debit / credit card or PayPal.

And that's where the fun really starts.

You can immediately download the secret bundle of 50 beats.

Plus you'll want to listen to the 25 bonus beats I've included for you.

(Trust me, you'll love them...)

In total you're getting 75 beats with commercial rights!


You'll have more beats than you'll know what to do with ;)

And you'll receive a commercial license agreement along with every beat meaning you can sell your tracks and monetize what you put out.

Why Use My Beats?

Using the right beats can work wonders: You can be a super talented artist, but if you don't have the right beats for your lyrics your music won't go viral.

Artists who used my beats already had several hits (with up to 20 million! views per song) such as: “Disparame | Zarcort – Cyclo – Piter G” or “Batman VS Superman Epic Rock / Rap Play | Kronno Zomber” just to have given some examples.
My job is to provide you with everything you need in order to be successful
I know, it's super hard to make it as an artist...

Making music as a hobby is one thing, BUT monetizing that hobby and turning your passion for making music into a full time career is ANOTHER...

Unfortunately, without the proper guidelines it's going to be nearly impossible to make that happen or it. Or it takes over a decade, like it was in my case.

Don't worry though...I'm here to make sure it happens!

Success in the music industry is all about relationships.

That's why I want to kick off our working relationship the right way, with a seriously good offer with "The Winners Circle Bundle". Join the winners circle TODAY :)

A few years ago, I would have never thought of offering something like this, but I'm just happy you can be apart of it now...

So If you're looking for a producer that's here to help, then let's get started!

I wish I would have this kind of opportunity when I started out or in my early years.

I want to help you getting your music out there!

I know you are here because you believe in yourself enough to be able to turn your dream into reality.

My goal is to help YOU with that and provide YOU with not only beats but with the value that YOU need in order to Succeed & do something Significant.
I can't wait to work with you!
- Christoph aka. InsaneBeatz
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